Being the best comes naturally.

From cultivated fields to meal tables worldwide, Mill Service helps to turn abundant natural resources into good, healthy and safe food, by grinding grains and other products grown on our lands. Thanks to technological systems for the food industry and modern machinery for mills, many crops are refined into flour, sugar, coffee and salt, producing precious ingredients that have always been essential to our cuisine.

Experience is a valuable ally of nature that improves the quality of our food and maximises the processing cycle for grains and foodstuffs. Every day, with great passion and extreme expertise acquired over time, MS Italia researches and develops the most advanced and innovative technical solutions to improve production processes in the milling sector, design more efficient grinding systems and install high performance machinery, respecting man and the environment, as well as the most stringent international standards.

For instance, Mill Service manufactures grinding machines for grains, machines for cleaning, filters, and systems for grinding special products such as salt, coffee and sugar. The company offers customized turnkey solutions specifically designed for the market in which customers operate and wish to operate. As an example of the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the machinery installed, many Mill Service systems are located in all continents.

Experience, enthusiasm and innovation.

Mill Service wants to offer its customers the best production solutions for grinding grains, pursuing harmony with nature and the best possible balance of quality for end products, as well as maximum performance for its systems. Consequently, the company continuously invests in researching the most sophisticated technologies and developing the most advanced and eco-friendly solutions.

The strengths of MS Italia are: its longstanding experience, design synergies, important sector know-how, extraordinary production versatility, flexibility, enthusiasm in undertaking each new project and meeting customer requirements at all times, from the design stage to after-sales assistance.

MS Italia believes in the value of people and longstanding partnerships. People, whether customers, suppliers or collaborators, are a continuous point of reference for a company that wants to develop sound loyalty, created and cultivated by means of transparency, fairness, mutual respect and reliability in respecting the commitments made. Professional seriousness, discretion and dynamism are the main features of long-term partnerships, making Mill Service much more than just a supplier, a true and extremely reliable partner.

The systems of the future are rooted in the past.

The future is built day by day, enthusiastically reaping the benefits of the experience handed down to us over the years, along with the passion for our work and the ability to find new improved solutions. Even the ancient art of grinding grains needs to be continually updated and perfected. Only in this way can it preserve the genuineness and taste of tradition by employing the most advanced, productive and eco-friendly technology.

MS Italia was established with a strong focus on innovation and firm roots in the past, when a highly motivated group of people with different professional skills decided to pool their specific technical skills. After acquiring significant long-term experience at leading companies in the milling sector, they set up a new company, taking advantage of a valuable wealth of knowledge and specifically concentrating on the future. From the outset, Mill Service believed in the power of ongoing research and innovation, in dynamic ideas based on intelligence and insight, and in ongoing high-level training, enabling the company to be more proactive and farsighted on the market.

In just 10 years from the year 2000 to date, Mill Service has become a leading international company in the milling sector, a highly reliable partner that guarantees customer assistance from the design stage to its prompt after-sales service.

A passion for the challenges of customer satisfaction.

The strength of Mill Service lies in the enthusiasm with which it faces each new project, always trying to go further, aiming to exceed customer expectations. Ongoing investment in research, employees strongly focused on innovation and high-level training allow the company to be the first to identify the most advanced technical solutions and make them immediately available, expertly applying them to individual cases. Each project is unique. It is researched, developed and manufactured according to the special requirements of different production sites, always focusing on achieving the right balance between maximum performance, energy consumption, the quality of end products and respect for the environment.

With hundreds of systems installed in all areas of the globe, MS Italia is a leading company in the milling sector, successfully handling the widest range of projects from small production systems to larger ones, intended to produce thousands of tons of processed products per day. Mill Service is proud of its work, not only due to the international awards it has achieved but also, and more importantly, to the esteem of its customers, with whom the company has had long-term partnerships.


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Mill Service SpA
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Fax +39 049 8978780

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